Saturday, 11 June 2011

something I explained to a friend ...

his (you) ex treated him awfully ...
we (you and me) broke up all of a sudden one day
and he hasn't spoken to me since
no matter what I've done or said
begged, apologised, turned up at his door step
< made a complete fool of myself
and among all of the aspects of that that just tear me to pieces
one of the biggest things is that somehow
he sees me the way he sees her
that somehow I've become an awful monster
and he's forgotten who I really am
I made some mistakes
and he's entitled to be mad and dissapointed about some things
but to be honest, vice versa
but I've never lost sight of who he is
how amazing he is
how much integrity he has
and I think he doesn't think of me like that anymore
I think he thinks he's dodged a bullet
and that I'm a piece of work, you know?
and it kills me
especially because I just don't know
I have no idea what he thinks
so I think the worst.

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